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This roughly 30 meters cliff that overlook the Pacific Ocean is the east coast of the Fukushima prefecture. In this vaste plateau, stands the TEPCO Fukushima number 1 nuclear power plant that was underwent a detailled examination over a period of two years, and in December 1966 construction began. The construction of a harbor facing the Pacific will protect against wild ocean waves. People from nearby Okuma and Futaba started coming, and even people from far away come to be seen at the construction site that headed into a golden age. (Source: Fukushima Nuclear Power documentary film of 1985)

  • Fukushima nuclear power plants safety, TEPCO adv
    Promo-TEPCO This video collects ten TV commercials on the safety of nuclear power plants in Fukushima, operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company (known as TEPCO, or Tokyo Denryoku in Japanese).
    All the 30-sec spots have been produced and broadcast in Japan before the Fukushima nuclear accident of the March 2011.
    The collection was published also on YouTube, where it is no longer available.
    【東京電力】安全をうたった福島原発CM集. April 2011, Dailymotion.

  • Nuclear Ginza

    Produced in 1995 by British TV, Nuclear Ginza is a documentary on Japanese nuclear industry and the risks posed to its workers and the population. The film was realized with the contribution of photographer Kenji Higuchi, which since 1977 has documented the life of Japanese nuclear workers.
    Nicholas Rohl, Channel Four Television, 1995. In English and Japanese, subtitles in English and Japanese.

  • Fukushima Nuclear Power (福島の原子力)

    In December 1966, Tokyo Elecric Power Company (TEPCO) started the building of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, completed in March 1979. This documentary film, released in 1985, is an historical document on the building of the plant, and the promotion of nuclear power in Japan.
    Film released in 1985, digitized with the support of the Saitama Culture Promotion Grant, provided by the Science Film Museum, and shared in two parts on YouTube, in Japanese with subtitles in English (37 min length).

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    Header image: aerial view of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (end of 1970s).


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