This page collects the main news about the Fukushima nuclear crisis, published by the international press since the March 11, 2011.

July 2012
Japan restart nuclear power. The Fukushima nuclear accident was a “man-made in Japan” disaster… Reading news for July 2012

June 2012
The Japan’s government decided to restart nuclear power in Japan. “The battle has only just begun”, said renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto… Reading news for June 2012

May 2012
On May 5, traditionally flown in Japan the koinobori carp-shaped wind socks to celebrate the Children’s Day. The koinobori became a powerfull anti-nuclear banner to welcoming the shut down of the last nuclear reactor that was still operating in the nation… Reading news for May 2012 →

April 2012
In April, Japanese people having the hanami custom, the traditional outdoor party enjoying the beauty of flowers. TEPCO continues to dump radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean… Reading news for April 2012

March 2012
Jan Beránek, of Greenpeace, said that “Industry and politicians around the world quickly conducted so-called stress tests, only to conclude that not a single reactor in the world is unsafe and needs to close. No doubt, even Fukushima Daiichi would have passed those tests”. Instead, according Yukiya Amano, the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency “Nuclear power is safer than it was a year ago.” Reading news for March 2012.

February 2012
According the French Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute, a year after the disaster that hit the Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima, radioactive contamination has decreased sharply but is now “chronic and durable.” Reading news for February 2012.

January 2012
“The Fukushima incident shattered three myths of nuclear power: One, that it’s safe; two, that it contributes toward our electricity supply; and three, that it’s cheap”… Reading news for January 2012.

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