The Mirror. Fabrice de Nola, 2011

Backyard World is an art and information project on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis.

The name Backyard World want to convey the idea of ​​a world reduced to a sort of backyard (not mine, but our) in the circuits of the media and the ecological realities. The name also refers to the world of informations that opens on background of the works of art related to it.

The project was created March 17, 2011 as an organized collection of some reliable information about the Fukushima situation in a Facebook note by Fabrice de Nola, obscured by Fb at the end of May.
In June 2011 the informations have been reorganized on this site, and Backyard World has also become an extension of the painting The Mirror. Since then, Backyard World is a documentary web project of art and information (article).

The goal is to monitoring, collect and share reliable news and informations, honest analysis and opinions, images, videos and other references that may be useful to understand the history of the Fukushima accident and its consequences for human, social and environmental issues, including the aspects related to the relationship between the needs of nuclear technology and those of democratic civilization.

Hope this is helpful for you as well!

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The Maps section contains the best maps on the spread of radioactivity and a selection of maps of significant interest.
The Related page contains articles and documentaries on nuclear technology topics.

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