Sekai de hirogaru datsu genpatsu


Sekai de hirogaru datsu genpatsu (『世界で広がる脱原発』) is a book on the impact of the Fukushima accident on the global public opinion and the waiving of nuclear power in the world.

Published in Japan the November 10, 2011 by Takarajimasha, the book summarizes in eight chapters the international debate on civil nuclear power after the Fukushima accident, and describes how Italy, Germany, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Russia and Eastern European countries, and others EU have decided to think back their energy policies.

The first chapter (イタリアが報じた脱原発 The Italian renunciation to nuclear power) is a report from Italy by Sawako Iwata and Fabrice de Nola. The article tells to Japanese public the path of the Italian withdrawal from the nuclear energy, following the events of the 2011 referendum in the historical background of the Italian energy policy and the country’s international relations, until the post-Chernobyl referendum of 1987.

  • 世界で広がる脱原発 フクシマは世界にどう影響を与えたのか
    (The renunciation to nuclear power in the world. The overall impact of Fukushima)
    Tokyo, Takarajimasha Paperback. November 10, 2011.
    Paperback, pages 206. ISBN 978-4-7966-8778-2

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